Evan E. Settle V
1215 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23220

Evan E. Settle V,
Owner of Sweat LLC + Certified Personal Trainer

evan settleEvan E. Settle V, is the owner of Sweat LLC, a high-end private personal training studio located on Cary Street in a warehouse built in 1866. Evan earned his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from Virginia Commonwealth University with an emphasis in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapy. Evan graduated on Academic Scholarship with a 3.75 G.P.A.

During Evan’s 10 years of experience, he has worked as a Registered Rehabilitative Therapist, Personal Trainer, Assistant Fitness Director, Fitness Director, and now owner of his own studio. Evan has worked with clients of all ages and skill levels. Along with the specialized knowledge Evan has gained from school, he also draws on a deep passion and belief he has for the benefits of Physical Fitness.

training sessionThis passion and belief in the benefits of exercise stem from his own past experiences; in March of 1981, Evan sustained a third degree head injury that was the result of being the passenger in a car that was hit head on by another car. This left him in a coma for 11 days. When he awoke he suffered from temporary paralysis of the entire right side of his body, which caused total muscle loss, and the loss of the ability to speak. It was at this point that Evan decided that he would not his injuries to dictate his life, but rather define his life through rehabilitation and recovery. Evan could not walk, talk, move his right side at all, or support his body weight after the car accident. Evan has truly been on both sides of the fence and now uses his knowledge and experience to help others attain their goals.

The unavoidable truth is that there is no downside to exercise, it improves everything you do, the way you see yourself, and the way others see you. Exercise makes you an active participant in your own destiny simply by extending the functional years of your life.